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ITM Solar APU System

ITM Solar APU System


Industry Leading Power Output | Enhanced Performance Under all Light Conditions | Designed and Engineered in USA | Outstanding Aesthetics | Redundancy by Design | Robust Module Integrity and Performance Under Extreme Conditions | Military Grade Design, Materials and Approvals.


Peel & Stick easy to Install Heavy Duty Solar Charger | Jump Start Avoidance | Battery Management Maintenance Free | Fully Integrated ITM Solution, Optimized for Maximum Performance in scattered light & extreme weather conditions with integrated charge controller | Up to 50% additional runtime on smart HVAC systems.


ITM Solar APU System can save fuel, effectively eliminate jump starts, extend battery life, increase reliability and increase power available to offset parasitic loads. It also provides drivers with the extra power to run hotel loads reducing the number of auto-start features. Impressive ROI numbers, Customer Validated, with Thousands of Deployments in North America and Asia.



Purchase an ITM Solar APU System installation today, our clients have reported up to double-digit fu..

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